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Health and safety training is paramount in the current climate for numerous important reasons. Businesses are suffering from huge compensation payouts and the mounting costs of long term employee sickness. With many companies feeling crushed under the weight of cashflow problems, debt and the lack of support from traditional lenders, there isn’t much room for manoeuvre in the way of financing health and safety within the workplace. However, the consequences of health and safety negligence are much harder to digest - ethically, morally and financially. Quite simply, it simply isn’t worth it in the long run.

So what does DSE mean?

DSE stands for Display Screen Equipment. This literally stands for any equipment that uses a graphic display screen or an alphanumeric display screen.

Equipment can be -


What are the risks involved with using this type of equipment? -

Using this equipment is not high risk. However, there are lots of injuries and complaints associated with those who use this type of equipment regularly.

Sufferers can complain of -

It is really easy to set up a DSE friendly workstation. Simple things like regular screen breaks, correct seating and a well-positioned monitor can make all the difference. A DSE assessment can show you how simple it is to avoid these injuries and complaints.

What is a DSE assessment? -

There are laws within this industry protecting the employers and employees who work within it. Read about some of the rules and regulations here - http://www.hse.gov.uk/msd/dse/guidance.htm

A DSE assessor will check you are complying with these laws. They will also help you improve the environment to prevent any issues in the future. Expect them to perform a risk assessment and look at the following areas within the workstation -

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